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UNATION is an Events and Branding Network. We are a place to discover events, and connect with people who have similar interests; we are a place to create public events for the world, or private events to share with your closest friends and family, and we are a place to brand yourself like never before on social media.

We have a passionate team that has been working fervently for two years, and we could talk for days about all the details. But here it is…straight.

In the real world, a status is just a simple statement, but an event is the thing that actually brings us all together. 

Our Founder, John Bartoletta tells this story about the moment he realized the power of events. His eyes light up as soon as he starts…he was at a movie set on a small street corner in Michigan; it wasn’t long until a passerby recognized one of the actors.  John picked up on this, and watched as one person turned into a few and then a crowd. He paid particular attention to those fumbling for the camera on their phones, and then it happened, strangers began laughing and talking with one another. 

John understood something profound in that simple moment; that is was an event that brought these people together, and that he was witnessing friendships and memories being formed right before his eyes. John returned home to Tampa, where he and our co-founder George Beardsley started developing the vision of UNATION.

We love to share that vision with everyone that we meet, and through the years that has afforded us some incredible opportunities, and allowed us to begin proving models.

We helped the band Obituary connect with their fans, and using their Branding Page and Events we began building a loyal community from their most supportive followers. The band recently delivered a Kickstarter Campaign to that audience asking for $10k to fund their next album, and as we write these words it has surpassed $35k.

We worked alongside the city of St. Petersburg and Grand Prix to promote and cover the events that lead up to one of the Tampa Bay area’s largest events, The Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.  We created a series of events, which most never have the chance to experience, like the building of the track and the official media day. Our unique ability to capture, and share these moments with the fans allowed the annual event to begin building a true community of very engaged fans. We look forward to working with them next year as we continue to grow that audience.

We have live streamed all the events of the United Soccer League, as well as the Major Indoor Soccer League. We’ve watched as teams like VSI Tampa Bay and Orlando City used the power of an event to better engage their fan bases.

We helped Cam Newton and IMG Academies showcase their 7 on 7 football tournament so the player’s friends and families could follow live…and later on demand.

And as we are coming out of beta, we have started working with a popular local DJ to begin capitalizing on the power of his events. We’re also very focused on continuing to become a dependable source of local events for our own community, and our Stuff To Do in Tampa Bay initiative is growing at an incredible rate.

There are so many more great examples, but we’d rather wait to tell you in person…

We said all of that to say this: We are a young and passionate group of designers, developers and dreamers. Our goal, above all else is to revolutionize the way individuals, brands and businesses connect with each other by harnessing the power of the event.

There’s an old quote that says, “A rising tide lifts all ships.” We thought it was a good way to introduce how we think this plays well for Patch.

We want to take on the 23 Tampa Bay area Patches as a test model, and begin working with you to make all patches better. In a nutshell, this is what we’ve got in mind…

We know Tampa, and our mission to help everyone we already knew has allowed us to build relationships with many of the most influential people, businesses and events in the area.  We can become an invaluable asset by teaming up with your Tampa editors’ overnight.

We want to incorporate a push-button “Promote to Patch” option during our event creation process. This will allow us to begin feeding every Patch with a consistent and engaging stream of current local events. We can add considerable depth to Patch’s event directories, and that will be the groundwork for building inroads that shift editors’ from a search and upload model to a more streamlined position of curating content.

Events on UNATION can house loads of multimedia, and we believe that the incorporation of photos, videos, discussion and the true social network capabilities of UNATION’s event platform will increase the amount of quality content that can be delivered through each patch posting; this is a simple solution to increase the depth of Patch’s content, which we think will lead to more traffic, and more time on site from each visit.

We love the value that the patch brings to the hyper local space! You’ve got loyal editors acting as boots on the ground, and they produce some truly engaging and informative content to their local communities. You guys are doing a great service to a far too overlooked space in the tech world…and you’ve just stumbled upon a group so inspired, so disruptive and possibly so naïve, that we just might be exactly the right play for Patch to become a powerhouse.

You’ve been around the block, and we both know that you have already thought through all the ways this helps us as a startup. Here’s what some of our team had to say on the issue…



If your name is Tim Armstrong, we would love to talk to you!  If your name is not Tim Armstrong, we would still love to talk to you!

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